Appearance Edit

"This man was over two meters tall. Not only was he both tall and robust, he also had a pair of sharp eyes and green pupils on top of that."[1]

Pre Novel Edit

2nd Disciple of the Cyanwood Mountain.

Novel Edit

Volume 4 - A New Journey Edit

Tuoba Lingyun is ranked second on the Cyanwood Sucession list and his Division is only behind in power (#2) to the Heaven Inquiring Division.

He is killed by Chu Feng in the Nine Powers hunt when he refused to hand over the last banner key, after attempting to hide it and place all the blame on the World Spiritist Alliance disciples for refusing to hand over the key. Dies in chapter 1484.

 Martial Artist Cultivation Edit

Cultivation Ranks Chapter
9th Rank Martial King 1287


  1. Chapter 1245
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