The Ruler's Bloodline has yet to be mentioned in detail, however, the bloodline power is extremely tyrannical. Chu Feng's World Spiritist type of Ruler's Bloodline comes from his mother, Jie Ranqing. It is said to be the most powerful bloodline of all the World Spiritists and it is said that only Jie Ranqing of Seven Realms Sacred Mansion is believed to possess it.

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Even without any martial cultivation, the Ruler's Bloodline provides many benefits to the possessor. One of those benefits is passive protection from many high level World Spiritist related lethalities. This was explained by Tang Chen who recounted the story of a little girl who suppressed and refined Realm Ghost Talisman Insects (Able to kill any cultivator below Martial Exalted) using the bloodline alone[1].

We have also come to understand that the Ruler's Bloodline can increase the prowess of an individual's World Spirit techniques by at least one rank.

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