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The Sealing Ancient Village was located in the central region of the Alliance Domain. The central region used to be the most flourishing region in the Alliance Domain. It had been the location with the most concentrated branch organizations from the various powers.

All of the powers that managed to establish themselves in that region were no ordinary characters. Thus, from this, it could be seen that while the Sealing Ancient Village was called a village, it was actually a very powerful place that could not be underestimated.

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“That item is called the Sealing Glacier. It is the village guardian treasure of the Sealing Ancient Village.”

“While the Sealing Ancient Village might appear to only be a small little village, it is actually an ancient clan that has been in existence for over ten thousand years. They cannot be underestimated. Thus, trying to forcibly snatch that Sealing Glacier away from them is out of the question.”   

“However, the Sealing Ancient Village is a very hospitable place. If they were to become fond of a guest, they will oftentimes present those guests with some Sealing Glacial Water as a present.”

“However, what I need is not the Sealing Glacial Water. Instead, I need the Sealing Glacier, an item many times more precious than the Sealing Glacial Water.”

“However, that Sealing Glacier is their village’s guardian treasure. Never before have they ever gifted it to anyone,” Hong Qiang said.

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