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The Seven Realms Sacred Mansion is the ruler of the Seven Realms Galaxy. The mansion is neither a sect nor a clan, but rather a congregation of the strongest and most talented World Spiritists throughout the Starry Sky.

They hold tremendous influence throughout the Starry Sky and are held in high regard. Regardless of the galaxy, all World Spiritists long to join their ranks.


Before the Seven Realms Sacred Mansion became the dominant power in the Seven Realms Galaxy, they were rivaled by the Celestial Master's Sacred Sect, a similar organization comprised of extremely talented World Spiritists. Being such similar organizations inevitably led to a war between the two powers, in which the Seven Realms Sacred Mansion won and resulted in the complete extermination of the Celestial Master's Sacred Sect.

Some point after securing the spot of overlord of the Seven Realms Galaxy, the Mansion Master of the Seven Realms Sacred Mansion fought the Mansion Master of the Divine Body Heavenly Mansion in a public duel to determine who was the superior power within the Southern Region of the Nine Galaxies. In the end, the Master of the Seven Realms Sacred Mansion was victorious, affirming their place as the true overlord of the Southern Region.


One of the laws within the Seven Realms Sacred Mansion is that those within the mansion are forbidden from marrying outsiders. Those who break this law are committing a capital offense, with the punishment being the extermination of the law-breaker, their spouse, children, and spouse's clan.

Chu Feng's mother is currently being detained within the Seven Realms Sacred Mansion as punishment for marrying Chu Xuanyuan. However, since she was the most talented person in the mansion and the strongest World Spiritist in her generation, she wasn't punished beyond detention, though Chu Feng and Chu Xuanyuan were declared criminals and fugitives.

Battle Prowess[]

The Seven Realms Sacred Mansion is one of the strongest powers within the Nine Galaxies, having an illustrious reputation throughout the entire starry sky. A testament to their power was when Chu Xuanyuan stated that even with his own powerful cultivation, which was enough to subjugate the entire Demon Morph Clan (The former rulers of the Bloodlines Galaxy), he still stood no chance at rescuing his wife Jie Ranqing from their grasp. Even Xianhai Shaoyu, who possesses vast knowledge of the other galaxies told Chu Feng that the Seven Realms Sacred Mansion was the one power he must not ever provoke if he were to leave the Holy Light Galaxy.

With current information, the Seven Realms Sacred Mansion has been stated to be above the Holy Light Clan, Nine Souls Sacred Clan, Demon Morph Clan, and Divine Body Heavenly Mansion.

Ruler's Bloodline[]

While the World Spiritists of the Seven Realms Sacred Mansion are formidable, with the Mansion Master's spirit techniques being potent enough to defeat the Master of the Divine Body Heavenly Mansion, the true powerhouse of the Seven Realms Sacred Mansion is Jie Ranqing, the sole possessor of the Ruler's Bloodline. The strength of her bloodline is so great, she has the ability to subdue every single expert within the mansion purely by releasing her spirit power.