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The Shangguan family was quite important in the Vermilion Bird City. Although the Vermilion Bird City was controlled by the Su family, the power of the Shangguan family was not much weaker than the Su family.

They were a family who had gained high approval from the Qilin Prince’s Mansion.[1]

Shangguan family trained their own horses which were white in color and were called "Little White Dragons".[2]

They were quiet an ambitious family who wanted to take over the Vermilion Bird City. Once the Family Head broke through to the 6th Profound Realm they set on to take over the city by means of marrying the Su sisters and suppressing the whole Su Family thereafter. The whole plan fell when Chu Feng disguised as Mr Gray Cloak interfered and killed the whole family. Shangguan family had 13 241 family members, all of which were killed by Void School elites on Chu Feng's order.[3]

Name Cultivation Rank
Shangguan Yue Profound Realm 6
Shangguan Tian Profound Realm 1
Shangguan Ya Origin Realm 8

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Mr. Grey-cloak (202–210) Edit

The whole family was exterminated on the day Shangguan Ya was to marry Su Mei.

References Edit

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