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He was Shangguan Ya’s elder brother.

When he was 30 years old, he entered the Profound realm. Although his potential was lower than Shangguan Ya, his cultivating talent was not bad and he was still quite a character in the Shangguan family.[1]

He was a very cold and proud person. Because of his status as a cultivator at the Profound realm, his skill in using a rank 6 martial skill; he was extremely arrogant, cold and proud.

Death Edit

He was slapped/patted to death by Chu Feng.

Martial Artist Cultivation Edit

Cultivation Ranks Chapter
1st Rank Profound Realm 139

Novel Edit

Volume 1 - Battle of Dignity Edit

Betrayal of Trust (130–141) Edit

He confronted Chu Feng when he sneaked out of Vermilion Bird City with his little brother and family members. He chased Chu Feng for more than 6 hours and finally trapped him on a very steep cliff which was over the Dragon River, named Suicide Cliff. He forced Chu Feng to jump off the cliff and commit suicide but later regretted not killing him personally.

Mr. Grey-cloak (202–210) Edit

He arrived dressed in bridegrooms cloths on his younger brothers wedding procession and asked for the hand of the Second Young Lady, Su Rou. When the procession was interrupted and attacked by Void School he tried to attacked but was stopped by his grandfather. When his grandfather escaped from Chu Feng's attack he was among the 4 who was taken away. Before his death he saw that his killer was non other than Chu Feng who he had assumed dead.

References Edit

  1. Chapter 139 - Encountering a Surrounding Attack
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