Pre Novel (Background)[edit | edit source]

The first time Chu Feng saw her was a clone with an intense sense of death. After they met the second time his gaze did not change, it still looked like a witch.

Novel[edit | edit source]

Volume 5 - The Battle of the Overlord Domain[edit | edit source]

First she used her spirit body to ask Chu Feng to keep a scroll(this is a map/key for the seven path on moonlight maze.) and make a marking formation, but Chu Feng failed to keep the scroll when confronted by compass immortal.

While Chu Feng is being confronted by the white browed Immortal who is an ally of the Nanggong imperial clan, she shows up and takes Chu Feng away, after that she tortures Chu Feng in an insect formation in an attempt to make his body immune to poison and also change his aura, after that she tests Chu Feng's body by throwing him into the poisonous cloud. After Chu Feng passes out in the poison cloud she thought he died and left. Later after Chu Feng reveals that he is still alive she sets out to find him and take him as her disciple.

When Chu Feng is ambushed by the 4 Imperial clans she comes to rescue him with the intention of taking him as her disciple.

Later she act like Chu Feng's disciple after she saw Chu Feng's spirit formation is better than her's.

 Martial Artist Cultivation[edit | edit source]

Cultivation Ranks Chapter
4th Rank Martial Emperor 1806

World Spiritist Cultivation [edit | edit source]

Spirit Power [[[Chu_Feng/Plot|Chapter]]
Royal Cloak - Dragon Mark 1658

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