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Song Luoyi is an old woman first introduced in Reincarnation Upper Realm's Mount Ivory Valley.

She is later revealed to be the mother of Chu Xuanyuan and wife to Chu Hanxian.


An eccentric personality. She is mostly seen as a delusion.


She has white hair which is well kept and tidy. Her face happened to be filled with scars. Her face had likely been burned. Because of that, her appearance had been completely mutilated. One simply could not make out her facial features. Her facial appearance was even rather scary.


When Song Luoyi went to another galaxy to train she entered a very dangerous ruin, luckily she was saved. The person who saved her was older than her, but Song Luoyi fell in love with him. After coming out of the ruins this person made an unreasonable request to Song Luoyi. Because this person was about to do something very dangerous, he wanted Song Luoyi to help him have a child. Song Luoyi agreed, but Song Luoyi asked to go to a court to get married first. Before leaving the man promised if he made it back safely, he would go to the Golden Dragon Flame Sect to propose. And this person is Chu Hanxian[1].


Volume 9 - Birth Of Asura[]

Chu Feng meets her in Reincarnation Upper Realm when she was going to wash her face with poisonous water which Chu Feng stopped. He also noticed that her spirit is abnormal and has very deep cultivation.

She was seen continuously chanting the name "Hanxian".

She later hunted members of Situ World Spiritist Clan[2]

It is revealed by Song Changsheng that she was in the Nine Souls Galaxy the entire time but that she already left it and was heading towards the Totem Galaxy[3].

Martial Artist Cultivation[]

Cultivation Ranks Age Chapter


  • it's shown that she isn't mentally stable - trauma.



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