Song Province . The number one disciple of the Fire God School.

Song Qingfeng is the number 1 young genius of the Fire God School and is in the 1st heaven realm. In his final fight with Chu Feng, he takes a forbidden medicine that was given to him by Jie Yan and it increases his level to the 2nd heaven reason. Song Quingfeng knew he couldn't beat chu feng so he fled but chu feng chased him until his forbidden medicine wore off. After suffering the rebound effects of the forbidden medicine, he begs chu feng to kill him due to the pain of the rebound. Chu feng ends up kill ing him out of pitty and sucks his source energy for eggy (chapter 412). Chu feng then hangs his corpse up and engraves on the tree "killed by chu feng" to let everyone know (chapter 413) .

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