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In the Starry Sky, there are Nine Galaxies, with each Galaxy containing many Starfields.

The galaxies are generally named after the current ruling organization and usually changed upon a change of leadership. For example, the native galaxy of Chu Feng was initially called Ancestral Martial Galaxy, but was renamed to Holy Light Galaxy after the Holy Light Clan seized power.

The Nine Galaxies are divided into 5 regions; Northern, Eastern, Southern, Western, and Central.

The known galaxies are:

Nine Galaxies
Galaxy Region Ruler Starfields Description
Holy Light Galaxy Eastern Holy Light Clan (Former and only subsidiary clan)
Holy Valley (Actual and true rulers)
96 Originally known as the Ancestral Martial Galaxy and said to have been where cultivation first originated. Officially, it is weakest of the nine galaxies.
Nine Souls Galaxy Eastern Nine Souls Sacred Clan - Not much is known other than that they are stronger than the Holy Light Galaxy.
Heavenly Dome Galaxy Western Heavenly Dome Immortal Sect - Unknown
Bloodlines Galaxy Western Yuwen Heavenly Clan (Formerly)
None (Lawless)
- Formerly ruled by the Yuwen Heavenly Clan. Currently, it is a lawless galaxy with no definite ruler. Those possessing the most powerful Heavenly Lightning Bloodlines in the starry sky are said to gather here.
Immortal Sea Galaxy Northern Immortal Sea Fish Clan - Those possessing the Immortal Sea Fish Bloodline reside here. It has been ruled by the Immortal Sea Fish Clan since its inception.
Totem Galaxy Northern Totem Dragon Clan - Those possessing the strongest and purest Dragon Bloodlines reside here, with the Totem Dragon Clan possessing the bloodline closest to that of the Divine Dragon.
Divine Body Galaxy Southern Divine Body Heavenly Mansion - Home to the most powerful Divine Bodies in the Starry Sky.
Seven Realms Galaxy Southern Seven Realms Sacred Mansion - Home to the most talented World Spiritists in the Starry Sky. Also possesses vast influence over the other galaxies. Most probably the strongest force in the modern era.
Immemorial Domain of Gods Central Unknown - It is the most mystical, strongest and radiant galaxy. Referred to by some as God Territory and others as Hell.