Description Edit

Taboo skills are powerful martial skills above normal rank martial skills and can be just as powerful as secret skills. But are known as taboo because when used they have a backlash effect on the user. The backlash is both severe pain and damage to the user. Taboo skills have their own ranking system. The higher the rank of the taboo skill the greater the power but also the backlash. The backlash is related to the person's body, if a Martial King uses a Mortal Taboo skill, then the backlash will be much lower than a Martial Lord. But even the lowest rank of taboo skills is still more powerful than the highest rank 9 martial skill.

Ranks Edit

  1. Mortal Taboo (Minimum Martial Lord)
  2. Earthen Taboo (Minimum Martial King)
  3. Heaven Taboo (Minimum Martial Emperor)
  4. Emperor Taboo (Minimum Half Martial Ancestor)
  5. Ancestral Taboo (Minimum Martial Ancestor)
  6. Immortal Taboo
  7. Exalted Taboo
  8. Divine Taboo
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