Martial God Asura Wikia

OC (Original Character) with no relations to the novel. If you are interested to use him feel free. Just PM me the name of the story so I can read.


Chu Kuangren has silky long black hair that is tied in a braided hairstyle, skin that was as fair as snow, a well-set nose, long eyelashes, and black eyes.




  • Divine Punishment Mysterious Art -
  • Chu Heavenly Clan Secret Technique - After using that secret technique, a Divine Body will be able to gain complete mastery over their Divine Power, fusing into one with it. With that, their talent would increase enormously. However, it is also extremely dangerous. Furthermore, one would have to endure pain so great that it is nearly unbearable. Many people have died to that taboo technique due to being unable to endure the pain. Their bodies would explode, and their souls extinguished. As that forbidden technique is incapable of stopping once it is used, one will either come out alive or die while using it.

Heavenly Lightning Nine Slashes[]

  • First Slash, Heavenly Lightning Appearance - This first slash summons a dense cloud of lightning in the sky. When the user attacks with this technique the lightning is summoned unto their weapon and is then able to be released to attack. The speed of the lightning is extremely fast and overbearing.
  • Second Slash, Heavenly Lightning Transformation - This second slash uses the same dense cloud of lightning previously summoned by the first slash. However what is different is that the origin of the lightning is revealed to be an enormous lightning beast that reveal its body. The size of the beast is so big that it covers the entire void and nothing besides it can be seen. The aura it emits is extremely overbearing. Different from the first slash, this technique can take the initiative to protect its user by shooting out bolts of lightning when he is threatened
  • Third Slash, Heavenly Lightning Fusion -
  • Fourth Slash, Demonic Lightning Conversion -
  • Fifth Slash, Demonic Lightning Movement -
  • Sixth Slash, Chaotic Heavenly Dome -
  • Seventh Slash, Divine Demonic Conversion -
  • Eighth Slash, Divine Demonic Dance -
  • Ninth Slash, Living Beings Extermination -



Heaven-Defying Battle Power
HDBP Source Total
Innate HDBP +2 (+0) +2 (+4)
Heavenly Lightning Bloodline Thunder Mark +0 (+1) +0 (+3)
Thunder Armor +0 (+1)
Thunder Wings +0 (+1)
Heavenly Lightning Divine Body +0 (+1)