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Pre Novel (Background)[]

Lived since birth in a dangerous place of the Holy Land of Martialism alone, until becoming Martial Emperor.

Emperor Chi Huangnian's successor.

+4 in Martial Ancestor Realm (Actually it is +7, everyone has +3)[1].

Husband of the genius Man-Eating Witch, Zhao Hong.

Ugly face crude personality divine body, Divine Body.


Volume 4 - A New Journey[]

We first met him in the Old Sealing Village. He can't talk properly. He is a stutterer. Shows great talent but is still far from Chu Feng.

“I, I, I am the, the el, el, elegant and gr, gr, gr, grace, graceful bea, beautiful young man, the person wh, wh, who st, strikes te, te, te, terror in men and la, la, lust in wo, women, li, li, little overlord, Wa, Wa, Wa, Wang Qiang,” - Wang Qiang

Volume 5 - The Battle of the Overlord Domain[]

Travels with Chu Feng to Hundred Refining Ordinary Realm.

Volume 6 - Hundred Refining Ordinary Realm[]

Makes Zhao Hong fall in love with him using a special tool to save his own life. They later become lovers for real.

Volume 7 - Return Of The Discarded Child[]

It was mentioned that someone had breached the Void Sacred Tree[2] and in the chapter that follows gave a detailed physical description of him indicating that he had been teleported there (from the strange vortexes that were encountered on the Stairway to Heaven). A carved message on the Void Sacred Tree was seen which read[3] :

'Daddy Wang Qiang was here.' "Wang Qiang ."

Volume 9 - Birth of Asura[]

Wang Qiang is within the Void Sacred Tree and is receiving the inheritance of the Blood Devouring Demon Exalted because of his divine body. When he completely merges with the Blood Devouring Demon Exalted he should be at least a True God. He also cannot leave until he has fully merged with the Demon Exalted as he has no choice in the matter.

 Martial Artist Cultivation[]

Cultivation Ranks Chapter HDBP
7th Rank Martial King[4] 1336 3
6th Rank Martial Emperor[5] 1990 3
1st Rank Half Martial Ancestor 2124 3
3rd Rank Half Martial Ancestor 2300 3
6th Rank Half Martial Ancestor 2304 3
1st Rank Martial Ancestor 2391 4
2nd Rank Martial Ancestor 2411 4
8th Rank Martial Ancestor 2489 4
9th Rank Martial Ancestor 2573 4
2nd Rank True Immortal 2633
9th Rank Exalted 3594

World Spiritist Cultivation[]

Spirit Power Chapter
Gold Cloak 1336
Royal Cloak - Dragon Mark 1980
Immortal Cloak - Insect Mark 2305


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  4. Later (Chapter 2124 - Wang Qiang’s Past) is known that he hid his actual Cultivation, at least Martial Emperor.
  5. His actual cultivation was that of rank 1 half martial ancestor, he was hiding his actual cultivation to make way for his brother chu feng to become the number one younger generation genius