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The White Tiger Villa was extremely large. Although it was called White Tiger Villa, in reality, it was a beautiful city that was created with a mountain on the side. The villa was built with white colored, mysterious bricks and the palaces were very special as well. Within the dark emerald-green mountain range, it was rather gorgeous.[1]

[The White Tiger Villa had the history of 500 years and in terms of foundation, they were no worse than some schools. Their strength was not simple as well and there were many experts in the villa. However, because they were rather remote, very few people within the Azure Province noticed that place.

At that time, within the White Tiger Mountain Range, there were actually a few martial cultivating families that had been around for generations. It was just that the families did not pass down the methods to outsiders and commoners had no way of even touching martial cultivation.

After the White Tiger Villa was established, it quickly became the overlord of the White Tiger Mountain Range. Many experts outside of the White Tiger Mountain Range heard about it, came, and joined the White Tiger Villa. Murong Xiaoyao spread the martial cultivating methods down to commoners so that everyone in the White Tiger Mountain Range could touch upon the road of martial cultivation and change their destinies.][2]

Even though White Tiger Villa passed down martial cultivation methods to common people, that did not mean everyone could grasp it. It had to be known that money was required to buy martial cultivation methods, so, many poor people had no chance to cultivate.[1]

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The White Tiger Villa is nearly as strong as any 2nd rate school.

Rank in the Villa Name Strength Rank
Villa Master Murong Yunluan Profound Realm 6
Vice Villa Master* Murong Yanguan Profound Realm 5
6 Protectors unnamed Profound Realm 1

*not mentioned in the novel, ranked as Vice Villa Master here for clarity.

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