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Pre Novel (Background)Edit

She is the Holy Daughter of the Starfall Holy Land One of the Three Great Beauties of the Great Chiliocosm Upper Realm.

Novel Edit

Volume 7 - Return of the Discarded Child Edit

Met Chu Feng in Sacred Mountain where Chu Feng Stole the energy in her Primal Chaos Metamorphosis Sphere.

Used her status as Holy Daughter to take revenge on Chu Feng for using her cultivation energy by inciting Chu Heavenly Clan juniors and other younger generation youths into killing Chu Feng. In the road for the Buried Spirit Lake she played the friend to Chu Feng only to take advantage of him and when he saw her naked she tried to kill him. Later on she asked for Chu Feng's help to open the inheritance sites in Inheritance Cave of Exalted Archer (Jian Dao). During the events there she lost her hostility towards him and they became friends.

Spar with Nine Profound Sect’s disciple Mu An (Won) then she defeated two more Nine Profound Sect disciples in succession ch. 2873

Spar with Liangqiu Lanyue (lost)

Martial Artist Cultivation Edit

Cultivation Ranks Chapter HDBP
1st Rank True Immortal[1] 2692 0 (+1)
4th Rank True Immortal 2790 0 (+1)

World Spiritist Cultivation Edit

Spirit Power Chapter
Immortal Cloak Snake Mark 2694
Immortal Cloak Dragon Mark 2796
  1. Later is known that she hid her actual Cultivation
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