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They were very similar to humans. However, compared to ordinary humans, they possessed distinguishing differences. For one, their hair was blonde and their eyes were green. Furthermore, their ears were also different from humans — they were pointed.

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Volume 4 - A New Journey Edit

First seen at the southern Ancient Elf's Immortal Pond.

Xian Kun has been travelling with the Ancient Elf Kingdoms princess Xian Miaomiao to find a cultivation resource. He is then tasked with activating the Immortal Pond Needle in the Cyanwood Forest domain but was ultimately unsuccessful due to Chu Feng's subterfuge and later activation.

Next seen chapter 1508 in the Yan Clan. He was kicked out of the Ancient Elf Kingdom due to allowing the southern Ancient Elf's Immortal Pond Needle to be triggered by a human (Chu Feng).

Xian Kun trades time learning the Yan Clan's earthen taboo skill for time attempting to claim an ancient era's artifact from a box he possesses and ultimately fails in both endeavors by not comprehending the skill and losing the artifact to Chu Feng.

 Martial Artist Cultivation Edit

Cultivation Ranks Chapter
5th Rank Martial King 1066
9th Rank Martial King 1508

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