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She possessed a petite figure. Although she was petite, she was fully developed. Her blonde hair was exceptionally beautiful as it draped down from her head. With her exquisite hairpin and her beautiful face, she appeared to be extremely noble and extraordinary.

Furthermore, this Elf Princess was wearing a suit of armor that was flickering with a golden sheen. This made her appear very different and unusually domineering.

As for this person, she was the second daughter of the Elf Kingdom’s King, Xian Lingyue, Princess Lingyue.

While Princess Xian Lingyue possessed an exceptionally beautiful appearance, so beautiful that she was like a lotus flower on the water’s surface, she was actually over two thousand years old. Furthermore, as she possessed the inheritance of the Elf King’s noble bloodline, her cultivation was extremely strong — she was a rank five Martial Emperor.

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Cultivation Ranks Chapter
5th Rank Martial Emperor 1883

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