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Before the Birth of Xian Miaomiao he was the number one genius of the younger generation amongst the Ancient Era Elf Kingdom. But since Miaomiao's birth, he has slowly become second fiddle in the kingdom, a fact which has bothered him and his father for quite sometime.[1]

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Yuyin first learns of Chu Feng when he is watching the Strongest Younger Generation Battle Assembly and Chu Feng battle between the Four Imperial Clans on the Gong Ba Plains. He declares that he has a 100% certainty that he could defeat Chu Feng.[2]

After sometime had passed when after Chu Feng arrives at the Ancient Era Elf Kingdom, and after Chu Feng shames Xian Yushi, Yuyin is expected to accompany Miaomiao to the Blood Devouring Killing Formation[3], but to his surprise, Miaomiao refused to have him accompany her[4] as she wishes for Chu Feng to join her instead[5]. Enraged, Yuyin Challenges Chu Feng in a competition to see who can light up more Ancient Era’s Immortal Golden Needles. With the help of a medical pill made by the Avaricious Immortal, Yuyin manages to light up Six needles in two hours. But after 16 hours, Chu Feng manages to light up all Nine Needles[6], and reach a breakthrough to Rank One Martial Emperor[7]. A few days after, his father, tries to help his son by allowing the Avaricious Immortal alter the Blood Devouring Armor. Chu Feng realizes that the armor was altered and accepts a challenge of world spiritist techniques from the Avaricious Immortal with a bet of their lives. Chu Feng wins and after the Immortal snitches on Yuyin's father he is killed by him. With the trechary exposed the Elf King punishes Yuyin's Father with 100 years of closed door training.

After a couple of months, Chu Feng learns that Yuyin has challenged and defeated Zhang Tianyi, as well as declaring a public challenge to Chu Feng outside the Moonlight Maze.[8]After knowing that he not only defeated Zhang Tianyi, but also humiliated him by cutting off his tongue, Chu Feng gets enraged and cripples his cultivation. At this point Xian Yuyin's uncle interferes and it becomes clear that both Tianyi and his father were taken down and held hostage by him. At this point Chu Feng reluctantly negotiates release of Tianyi and his father and after seeing their miserable condition, kills Xian Yuyin right infront of his uncle.

Martial Artists Cultivation Edit

Cultivation Ranks Chapter
1st Rank Martial Emperor 1814
3rd Rank Martial Emperor 1892
Crippled 1956

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