The Xianhai Clan is the overlord of the Xianhai Galaxy in the Northern Region of the Nine Galaxies, and has a powerful and illustrious reputation throughout the entire starry sky. It is stronger than both the Holy Light Clan Nine Souls Heavenly Clan, and Demon Morph Clan, putting their galaxy above theirs as well.

According to Xianhai Shaoyu, his father, the Clan Head of the Xianhai Clan has good relations with a high-ranking member of the Seven Realms Sacred Mansion, with Xianhai Shaoyu offering to help Chu Feng join the mansion if he so wished.

Xianhai Renhu states that the clan is very conceited, refusing to work with outsiders and stick primarily with their own.

Xianhai Palace Edit

The Palace was very peculiar. Although the Palace was not very large, it was completely composed of bright and shiny green gemstone. It gave off a special sort of beauty. In the center of the palace was a ten meter-tall mirror.

It is the location where Xianhai Yu (Little Fishy) was placed under house arrest by her father so that she could focus on her cultivation.

So far, the only known inhabitants of the palace are Xianhai Yu, Xianhai Shaoyu, their father (The Xianhai Clan's Clan Head) and twenty four palace guards (True Immortal+).

The Xianhai Palace is a restricted location that does not let just anyone in, even those of the Xianhai Clan. Xianhai Shuoyi was the only known exception to this rule as he had the status of being Xianhai Yu's childhood friend and thus had special rights to enter the palace whenever he wished, much to the displeasement of the palace guards and Xianhai Shaoyu, who were not fond of his vile and selfish character.

Known Members Edit

  • Xianhai Yu (Strongest Talent, Clan Princess) - Unknown Cultivation (Formerly 1st Rank Martial Immortal)
  • Xianhai Shaoyu (Clan Prince) - Above 3rd Rank Martial Exalted
  • Xianhai Gosu (Elder(?)) - Above 3rd Rank Martial Exalted
  • Xianhai Xin'er (Xianhai Shaoyu's Servant) - Above 3rd Rank Martial Exalted
  • Xianhai Shuoyi (Son of Unknown Servant) - Unknown Cultivation (Formerly Unknown Rank True Immortal)

Former Members Edit

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