Xianhai Shaoyu is the older brother of Xianhai Yu and the son of the Immortal Sea Fish Clan's Clan Chief.

He is currently the strongest person of the younger generation in the Immortal Sea Fish Clan and also has a reputation as one of the most talented cultivators of the younger generation throughout all of the Nine Galaxies.

Outside of his clan, the only person he looks up to in the entire starry sky is Jie Ranqing.

Personality Edit

Xianhai Shaoyu is good-natured and treasures his little sister dearly, always looking out for her best interests and supporting her. He also prides himself in being independent, rarely falling back on his incredible background as the Prince of the Immortal Sea Fish Clan, and instead carries about relying on his own martial might. Even when accompanied by others, he would never bring someone who was stronger than he was.

Despite this, due to his background he is still not completely indiscriminate and considers the Holy Light Galaxy to be an incredibly weak place, confused as to why his sister would be interested in a man from there. However, he quickly changes his opinion when he recognizes that there are those who surpass even him, hiding in the otherwise looked down upon galaxy, such as Chu Feng and the Galewind Hunting Clan Ancestor.

Appearance Edit

Suddenly, a figure approached her. It was a young man with a very handsome appearance. It was a very manly sort of handsomeness.  

Even when compared with Xianhai Shuoyi, he was much more handsome.

Furthermore, that young man was very tall. He was wearing a special sort of armor, and appeared very imposing and domineering. It was as if he was emitting the aura of a ruler from every pore on his body. 

Furthermore, if one were to pay close attention, they would notice that the man’s appearance slightly resembled that of Her Highness Yu’er.

History Edit

Volume 6: Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm Edit

Xianhai Shaoyu approaches Xianhai Yu after her falling out with Xianhai Shuoyi, which ended up excommunicating Xianhai Shuoyi. Xianhai Shaoyu proceeds to chastise his younger sister on how she should have listened to him about the true ill-nature of Xianhai Shouyi.

When his Xianhai Yu begs him to remove the restriction spell that keeps her trapped in the Immortal Sea Fish Clan, stating that he has the power to do so, Xianhai Shaoyu refuses as he dared not to go against their father. However, Xianhai Shaouyu tells her not to give up hope, stating that once she reaches Martial Exalted, their father had promised she would be allowed to leave and that he would accompany her to visit the man she could not stop talking about (Chu Feng).

Volume 9: Birth of Asura Edit

Xianhai Shaoyu meets Chu Feng in the Netherworld Ice Hall when the latter is accidentally sent to the Heaven Devouring Starfield under the alias of Fumo Shaoyu. They travel together for a while, having run-ins with the Zuoqiu Heavenly Clan and later the Dragon Clan. Through these experiences, he befriends Chu Feng and eventually holds a very good impression on him after listening to his life story and witnessing his talent firsthand. He then believes that although Chu Feng’s current strength is low (in the perspective of the entire world of martial cultivation) he would soon become someone influential even in the entire martial cultivation not just the desolate Holy Light Galaxy.

Though meeting Chu Feng was coincidental, Xianhai Shaoyu's true purpose in the Holy Light Galaxy was to retrieve a special Black Box that was in the possession of the Holy Light Clan. After forcing the Holy Light Clan to give him the box (implying he defeated Shengguang Xuanye), he and his companions, Xianhai Xin'er and Xianhai Gosu travel to the planet of Dao Comprehension Sage Exalted to find the All-Seeing Heavenly Master, who was proficient in divination. Xianhai Shaoyu then demanded that she divinate the contents within the box and the consequences that may follow while opening it. However, due to their rude approach they were rebuked by Dao Comprehension Sage Exalted, who tried to attack them with his Sixth Sense of Dragon Transformation Spirit Power (3rd Rank Martial Exalted). In response, Xianhai Shaoyu heavily injured him with a flick of his finger, putting him in such a dire state that he was on the verge of death and could not be healed by conventional means. After All-Seeing Heavenly Master tells Xianhai Shaoyu what she knows about the Black Box he leaves with his companions, but not before warning her of the consequences she would have to bear should he learn she lied to him. 

After concluding his formal business in the Holy Light Galaxy, Xianhai Shaoyu decided to spectate Chu Feng at the Ancient Era Spirit Domain. Concealing his presence, he witnessed Chu Feng pass Old Man Compliance's test and even secretly followed them to the Nine Dragons Upper Realm, where he saw them face a powerful Black Flood Dragon which makes Xianhai Shaoyu admit even he would have to go all out against. Before leaving, Xianhai Shaoyu decides to help Chu Feng in his dealings with the Galewind Hunting Clan, discreetly saving the lives of him, Ox-Nosed Old Daoist, and Tang Chen from the Galewind Hunting Clan's Clan Chief. He takes it a step further by confronting the Galewind Hunting Clan Ancestor with the intention of forcing him to release Ya Fei, Murong Wan, and Yan Ruyu, but he underestimated the power of the Ancestor and was almost killed. Luckily for him and his companions, Chu Xuanyuan interferes at the last second and saves them with minimal effort on his part, though they were unaware of this as Chu Xuanyuan knocked them out before hand.

When Xianhai Shaoyu was is inside the the Black Box fusing with the Black Box's Bloodline Strengthening Power, he believed Chu Feng’s talent was similar or slightly inferior to his. This occurs due to the fact that although both Chu Feng and Xianhai Shaoyu end up in a weakened state after absorbing the Bloodline Strengthening Power, Chu Feng ends up unconscious. He later realises that Chu Feng had been absorbing the remnant berserk Strengthening Power lingering within Xianhai Shaoyu that was troubling him excessively, and comes to the understanding that Chu Feng‘s talent was far higher than his.

This increase in Bloodline Power stimulation provided the catalyst for Chu Feng's bloodline to go berserk for the second time within the novel. However, whilst all this occurred, Xianhai Renhu (Xianhai Shaoyu's Fourth Uncle) and three hundred other members of the Demon Morph Clan watched in the background silently. Xianhai Renhu then approached Xianhai Shaoyu and tricked him into releasing the Protective Formation placed on him by his father.

Fortunately, Chu Feng under the influence of his Berserk Bloodline, fought and dominated against Xianhai Renhu and the Red Robed Leader who accompanied him. Xianhai Shaoyu and Chu Feng were then knocked unconscious by Chu Xuanyuan before Chu Xuanyuan appeared to confront the Demon Morph Clan with Old Ape inside the Black Box. Chu Xuanyuan then proceeds to effortlessly capture Xianhai Renhu and the other members of the Demon Morph Clan before he leaves the Black Box accompanied by Old Ape.

Xianhai Shaoyu shortly wakes up after the departure of Chu Xuanyuan and then he links the disappearance of Xianhai Renhu and the other members of the Demon Morph Clan to Chu Feng, believing that he eliminated them all. This prompts Xianhai Shaoyu's realizatiion on the difference between their talents and he then elaborates to Chu Feng his actions whilst he was under the influence of his Berserk Bloodline. Xianhai Shaoyu then informs Chu Feng of his true identity before handing Chu Feng a title plate of the Immortal Sea Fish Clan forged by his own father before proceeding to explain the pattern of Major Powers in the Starry Sky to Chu Feng.

Xianhai Shaoyu then tells Chu Feng about the eminent threat of Demon Morph Clan to Holy Light Galaxy (ignorant of the fact that Chu Xuanyuan has already solved the problem) and he proceeds to mention that talent alone will not yield good growth without good cultivation resources and asked him to return with him to the Immortal Sea Galaxy. Xianhai Shaoyu then asked Chu Feng if he is interested in joining Seven Realms Sacred Mansion as his father has an acquaintance there. Chu Feng politely rejects, telling him that he has a person that he must save (and there is no way he would bow down to a force that detained his mother and sent a kill order on him and his father). Seeing Chu Feng ‘s determined countenance, Xianhai Shaoyu then bids him goodbye and that he would be waiting for him to come marry his sister Xianhai Yu. He also mentions that even if Chu Feng did not end up marrying his sister, he would still consider him his brother, giving him an Immortal Sea Fish Clan title plate. This title plate was special as it also contained the words "Friend of Xianhai Shaoyu" and was a personal plate crafted by his father in which there were only ten in existence.

Martial Artist Cultivation Edit

Cultivation Ranks

Chapter HDBP
3rd Rank Utmost Exalted[1] 4127 0(+2)
Above 5th Rank Martial Exalted 4226 Unknown
  1. Later is known that He hid his actual Cultivation
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