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Xianhai Shuoyi grew up with Xianhai Yu'er and is one of her close childhood friends. Before she met Chu Feng, they used to be incredibly intimate, but it was said that he only did this because he wanted to take advantage of the benefits of being close to the Clan Head's daughter. Despite knowing this, Xianhai Yu still saw him as an "Older Brother" and good friend until he crossed her bottom line by insulting the elite armament given to her by Chu Feng.

It is implied he did not have a good relationship with Xianhai Shaoyu as the latter knew of his true intentions. However, their dislike of each other was not strong enough for Xianhai Shaoyu to stop him from visiting his sister.


Arrogant and ill-natured, he hides these traits when in public. He also holds great pride in being a member of the Immortal Sea Fish Clan, arrogantly boasting of his background when he meets Chu Feng in the Sacred Heavenly Temple.


Volume 6 - Hundred Refining Ordinary Realm[]

He enter the Sacred Heavenly Temple and duel with Chu Feng to claim a treasure. The duel's winner is Chu Feng.

Back in the

Immortal Sea Fish Clan, it is revealed that he has a special place within the clan despite his low status due to his friendship with the Clan Head's daughter Xianhai Yu'er, who is his childhood friend.

He insults her for carrying the elite armament given to her by Chu Feng (which he did not know gave it to her), which results in him getting viciously beaten up by her. She then orders the palace guards to put a restraining order on him, stating that he is never to visit her unless she calls for it ever again.

He tries to call out for her again, but is pinned down by one of the palace guards who he tries to threaten with his status, but fails. After being rejected and humiliated he leaves, stating that despite no longer having her blessings he would still make a name for himself in the Immortal Sea Fish Clan one day.

 Martial Artist Cultivation[]

Cultivation Ranks Chapter
Unknown Rank True Immortal 2540