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Xianhai Yu is the Princess of the Immortal Sea Fish Clan. Xianhai Yu is also the daughter of the Immortal Sea Fish Clan's Clan Chief as well as the younger sister of Xianhai Shaoyu. Xianhai Yu is dubbed the most talented member of the younger generation within the Immortal Sea Fish Clan. Xianhai Yu is also called the "pearl" of the Immortal Sea Fish Clan, who has innumerable pursuers.

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However, a young woman was sitting at the edge of the cliff.

She was sitting at the edge of the cliff with her legs dangling at an altitude of over ten thousand meters.

That young woman had a head full of beautiful jet black hair that sprinkled down behind her. As she blinked, her long eyelashes trembled slightly.

Her beautiful eyes were very clear. It was as if there were countless stars within them. They were completely untainted.

Her tall nose bridge and delicate cherry lips were also magnificently beautiful.

This young woman’s appearance was simply the pinnacle of beauty. Especially her pure and charming aura, it was simply akin to that of a celestial fairy. She was simply perfect.

Not only was the young woman’s facial appearance akin to that of a celestial fairy, but her figure was also very good. She possessed snow-white skin with a faint rosy and translucent glow. Her skin was like that of jade.

As for her long green dress, it made the woman appear like an elf in the world.

It was as if a woman like her could only be seen in one’s dreams, and not present in reality.

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Volume 3 - Eastern Sea Region Edit

Little Fishy is a girl that Chu Feng met in the Everlasting Sea of Blood in the Eastern Sea Region. When she had to return home, in the Starfield, the sky was torn by a hand and many people believed that the end of the world is coming (most likely done by a Saint Cloak or a God Cloak world spiritist, it is assumed that this hand had torn the space, assuming that the person who did it possesses at least Martial Exalted cultivation and/or at least 5th level of Sense of Dragon Transformation standing at the peak of the Holy Light Galaxy). Before she left, she warned Ya Fei and her grandfather that the Eastern Sea Region will disappear if Chu Feng is harmed.

Volume 5 - The Battle of the Overlord Domain Edit

Years later, Chu Feng returns to the Eastern Sea Region and finds a pendant that belonged to her.

Volume 6 - Hundred Refining Ordinary Realm Edit

She wants to return to the Ancestral Martial Lower Realm to see Chu Feng but she can't leave due to her clan. She is training to become an Exalted in order to have the freedom to meet Chu Feng again.

Volume 9 - Birth of Asura Edit

Her brother visits Chu Feng and tests him to see if he is fit to be his brother-in-law under the alias of Fumo Shaoyu. He's satisfied with Chu Feng's talent and character and informs him that Xianhai Yu is 'lovesick' and wears the ankle bracelet he made for her longing for him. We learn she is the daughter of the clan head and the most talented person in the clan. She snuck out to try and find Chu Feng in the Ancestral Martial Lower Realm but got caught by her father and is currently grounded. We learn the Immortal Sea Fish Clan are a powerful clan and the overlord of the Immortal Sea Galaxy situated in the Northern Territory of the 9 Galaxies.

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Cultivation Ranks Chapter
1st Rank Martial Immortal 2544
Unknown Rank Martial Exalted

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