Pre Novel (Background) Edit

The Xu family was the overlord of the nearby town, and because of the fighting over natural resources, there were no small amounts of conflicts between them and the Chu family. A lot of people felt that sooner or later, there was going to be a big battle between the Chu Family and the Xu Family.

Novel Edit

Volume 1 - Battle of Dignity Edit

Chu Family Competition (28–38) Edit

Xu Qiang along with his son Xu Tianyi and members of the Xu family came to cause trouble at the Chu Family Competition. Xu Tianyi challenged the winner Chu Hongfei and beat him with one move and taunted Chu Family. Chu Feng went ahead and crippled him.

Battle of the Families (85–96)

When Chu Family found a Black Iron Ore mine the Xu family joined hands with Ma and Wang family to exterminate Chu Family and share the mine among themselves. They were later exterminated and erased from their respective towns on the order of Chu Feng.

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