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Xue Ji is Chu Feng's second Asura World Spirit.



Very arrogant and aggressive.

Pre Novel[]

Described by Eggy to be weaker and more violent than Eggy's original cultivation before being sealed inside of Chu Feng's Spiritual World. She is a very beautiful and seductive World Spirit but has an aggressive personality. She has a strong resentment towards Chu Feng and his family for sealing her. She possesses a higher cultivation than what Eggy has developed to date[1] with the help of Chu Feng.


Volume 3 - Eastern Sea Region[]

When Chu Feng connects to Purple-Colored Spirit Energy for the first time, his unknown world spirit reacts violently and attempts to break free from the formation that seals it[2]. At this time, Eggy assumes that the unknown world spirit is an Asura World Spirit with a deranged nature who is full of hate and possesses strength equivalent to at least a Martial Emperor cultivator.

Volume 4 - A New Journey[]

In the Holy Land of Martialism, Chu Feng acquires a technique that enables him to release and control her, using her as a last resort when confronting powerful enemies.

Volume 5 - The Battle of the Overlord Domain[]

Chu Feng released her when he was almost killed by Nangong Huayi and Nangong Rongsheng elder, which result in a lot of casualties in Nangong Clan[3]. Xue Ji fled when Nangong Longjian attacked her.

She used Dark Hall Master to increase his cultivation then refined his source energy[4]. She is the mastermind of the Dark Hall. She used the Stairway to Heaven to reach Outer World.

Volume 6 - Hundred Refining Ordinary Realm[]

Xue Ji saved Chu Feng in the Hundred Refining Stage after he was attacked by the elders of the formation protector clan[5]. Xue Ji then tells him she needs his help to open a treasure storehouse by arranging a spirit formation. Xue Ji also tells him that his mother is a very powerful person who broke into the Asura Spirit World and kidnapped Xue Ji and Eggy. After opening up the treasures store house (burial ground) Xue Ji and Eggy absorb the skeleton's source energy[6].

Xue Ji was being held captive by the Old Cat that tricked Chu Feng and stole his God Bestowment Bamboo Slip[7].

Volume 10 - The Chu Clan's Conferred God[]

During the Old Cat's confrontation with Chu Feng and his Asura World Spirits army, he reveals that he sold Xue Ji off to someone else because she was special. Before Chu Feng could extract more information from the Old Cat, he was sneak attacked by the latter who then got pulled into a battle with the Asura King and eventually found an opportunity to escape after knowing he cannot defeat the Asura King easily. Xue Ji is currently residing in the Demon Coffin Ordinary Realm as the fiancée of the Demon King.

But even she admitted that the demon king was far from being a match to Jie Ranqing


Martial Artist Cultivation[]

Cultivation Ranks Chapter HDBP
1st Rank Martial Emperor 1639
5th Rank Martial Emperor 2055 7
9th Rank Half Martial Ancestor 2385 4
1st Rank Martial Ancestor 2389 5
7th Rank Martial Exalted 5185 4



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