Ya Zongyun is from the East Sea region is a member of the Immortal Execution Archipelago. He is known as the Prime Immortal and is the third strongest of the sect.

Appearance and Personality Edit

He is a white-haired man with white spades and high spades.

History Edit

After the return of the elder of the Archipelago of the Immortal Execution Murong Mingtian, Ya Zongyun is a relative of the third rank of the sect. But of the ten immortals, he was still number one. This is why he is known as the first immortal. It was less than two people and more than ten thousand.

For an help, Qiushui Fuyan mentions the possibility of saving his granddaughter, since Lady Piaomiao had her consciousness saved from the Depraved Ravine battle.

When later, Ya Fei's consciousness is presented to him, he sees the chance from Lady Piaomiao to potentially save her, if he agrees to betray the sect.

(The plan for this betrayal is detailed in chapter 930.)

Abilities Edit

Technique Taboo - Training: Use it to protect itself but the negative effect is that it is weak and for a short time loses consciousness.

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