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She is the most beautiful woman in all of All Heavens Starfield.


She was wearing a red dress, and had a head of long black hair. Bright eyes, long eyelashes, a high nose bridge and perfect red lips. Beautiful. This woman was truly beautiful. There was also a red imprint on her forehead between her brows. This made her stand out a lot.



She was born as the most talented junior Cloudsky Immortal Sect and possessed a special sort of eyes, however she was lost due to an accident as a child. She was later pick up by Han Xiu and grew up to become a member of the Red Dress Holy Land.


Volume 8 - Battle of Prophecy[]

Yin Zhuanghong with Chu Feng entered the Heaven-reaching Armory Pagoda.

Volume 9 - Birth of Asura[]

She has a special kind of eyes, that allows her to see through disguises, being able to see through the Saint-Spirit Formation set up by Chu Feng and see Cheng Hui even under the effect of the Everlasting Appearance-changing Pellet. Moreover, she was able to detect when Chu Feng activated his Heaven's Eyes. She is engaged to Meng Rufei through her clan but the engagement was annulled due to the interferance from Chu Feng. She was later forced to return to her homeland by unknown people. She reluctantly left in order to protect Chu Feng and her sect. It turns out she's from a Cloudsky Immortal Sect.

Martial Artist Cultivation[]

Cultivation Ranks Chapter HDBP
2nd Rank Exalted [1] 3626 0(+3)
6th Rank Exalted 3827 0(+3)
1st Rank Utmost Exalted 4541 0(+1)


  1. Later is known that she hid her actual Cultivation