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  • She is the most beautiful woman in all of All Heavens Starfield.
  • She was clearly not a Saint-cloak World Spiritist, yet she was able to see through the Saint-level spirit formation set up by Chu Feng, and even detected his activated Heaven’s Eyes.
  • She is engaged to Meng Rufei through her clan but the engagement was annulled due to the interferance from Chu Feng.
  • She was later forced to return to her homeland by unknown people. She reluctantly left in order to protect Chu Feng and her sect.
  • It turns out she's from a Cloudsky Immortal Sect

Martial Artist Cultivation Edit

Cultivation Ranks Chapter HDBP
2nd Rank Exalted [1] 3626 0(+2)
6th Rank Exalted 3827 0(+3)
1st Rank Utmost Exalted 4541 0(+1)

References Edit

  1. Later is known that she hid her actual Cultivation
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