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Yu Sha is Chu Feng's 3rd Asura World Spirit. In order to find Xue Ji, she contracted with Chu Feng.


Volume 7 - Return of the Discarded Child[]

Yu Sha first tried to contact Chu Feng when he broke through into the Immortal Cloak Dragon Mark World Spiritists Ream, but failed to reach him. Chu Feng told Eggy that he sensed a world spirit’s beckoning call. Before Chu Feng could sense who was calling for him the call disappeared.[1]

Yu Sha contacted Chu Feng again after he broke through into the Exalted Cloak Insect Mark World Spiritists Realm. She immediately told Chu Feng that she wished to follow him and for him to enter a contract with her so she could enter his world. But Chu Feng kept asking her questions and soon her voice disappeared[2].

Volume 8 - Battle Of Prophecy[]

She becomes Chu Feng's world spirit when he achieved Saint Cloak Insect Mark. Yu Sha helped Chu Feng during the selection of Ancestral Martial Decastars against Linghu Hongfei.

Volume 9 - Birth Of Asura[]

Yu Sha fought with Yue Yang's Asura World Spirit and she managed to defeat him[3]. She also fought against the Asura Blood Clan World Spirit belonging to Gongsun Yuntian.

Volume 10 - The Chu Clan's Conferred God[]

After Chu Feng slaughtered the members of the Situ World Spiritist Clan that were present when Song Yuwei was being tortured, he collected all their Source Energies which included several Half-God and God-Cloak cultivators. He split it in half for Eggy and Yu Sha, yet even half of all that Source Energy was huge shocking the latter. She enters closed-door cultivation in order to refine her share of the Source Energy which she claims will take her quite some time due to the purity of God realm cultivators' energy[4].

Martial Artist Cultivation[]

Cultivation Ranks Chapter HDBP Breakthrough Method
1st Rank Exalted 3416 4
4th Rank Exalted 3742 4 Treasure Chu Feng found with his Heavens Eyes in the Nine Dragons Upper Realm
1st Rank Utmost Exalted 4234 4 "World Spirit Jade" obtained from World Spirit Mansion Gate + Medicine Pellet retrieved from Compliance Mirror
9th Rank Utmost Exalted 4634 0 (Sealed) "Divine Stone of the Seven Realms" found in the Death Dominion Formation.
1st Rank Martial Exalted 4634 0 (Sealed)


  • Spear and Armor composed of black gaseous flames: This power can be granted to Chu Feng, but is not as strong as when she uses it.
  • Twin Crimson Spirit Swords: Obtained by Chu Feng in the World Spirit Mansion Gate


  • The truth was that Yu Sha’s beauty was actually slightly inferior when compared to Eggy[5] and Xue Ji