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Zhang Yingxiong is an extremely talented and powerful member of the younger generation even when placed within the entire Martial cultivation world. He is currently the only known person of the younger generation whose talent is close to that of Chu Feng. He is also one of the Nine Sons of Fate who were prophesized to be the only ones who can stop the impending destruction of the martial world.


Zhang Yingxiong wears black clothes.


Zhang Yingxiong is arrogant to so called geniuses (but has the power to back it up) and friendly to allies.


Volume 9 - Birth of Asura[]

He was first introduced as a mysterious member of the younger generation who participated in the younger generation competition of the Holy Light Galaxy. During the initial testing to gain entry into the Storm fighting dragon platform he was the second person to gain entry, behind only Chu Feng. He uses a alia ''Wufeishijiedenger' when one tried to read it the other way around 'Er-deng-jie-shi-fei-wu' which means 'all of you are trash’!

Throughout the entire contest he did not hide his disdain towards the members of the younger generation participating in the contest and everyone in the galaxy as a whole. At the closing stages of the competition he showed off a cultivation base at 8th utmost exalted, something only Shengguang Yu could match among all the younger generation in the galaxy.

Because of his arrogance and the infuriating words spoken about Chu Feng he ended up provoking Long Xiaoxiao, forcing her to reveal her true strength and bloodline power. However she was still quickly defeated by him. After defeating Xiaoxiao he immediately did the same thing to Shengguang Yu, who had taken a powerful forbidden drug to greatly boost his battle power. After easily dispatching Shengguang Yu he commented that the talent of Long Xiaoxiao is much greater than that of Shengguang Yu even after taking a forbidden medicine.

He then went on to battle against Chu Feng in a match that forced him to reveal all his power and skills to the fullest and yet he was still defeated handedly by Chu Feng. As he was about to display his true power he was promptly stopped by an elder who should be his master.

He met Chu Feng once more in the Nine Souls Galaxy where he was tasked by his master to deliver a message from Ox-Nosed Old Daoist to Chu Feng. However unconvinced by his previous defeat to Chu Feng as he was not using his real cultivation at the time he decided to only pass the message on to Chu Feng if he is able to defeat him in a challenge.

He reveals the importance of the Immemorial Fate Stone after Chu Feng, like him, was able to activate all 3 of it stages. He tells Chu Feng that only the Nine Sons of Fate, who are the most talented members of the younger generation, can activate all 3 stages. Besides himself, Chu Feng is the only member of the younger generation who has successfully activated all 3 stages.

After returning to his master he asked if there was a problem with the Immemorial Fate Stone as Chu Feng did not show any sign of physical exhaustion even though it was his first time being tested by the Stone. This prompts him to wonder if the talent of Chu Feng was actually above his own.

Martial Artist Cultivation[]

Cultivation Ranks Chapter HDBP
8th Rank Utmost Exalted(Fake) 0(+2)
Martial Exalted


  • Zhang Yingxiong's master seems to have a connection with Chu Xuanyuan.