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Zhao Di was an inner court disciple of Lingyun School. He was arrogant and did as he pleased in the outer court since he had his grandfather to back him up. He had a prominent goatee.

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1st Rank Origin Realm


Volume 1 - Battle of Dignity Edit

Brother’s Rage (237–241) Edit

Chu Guyu offended him and using his Grandfather's influence crippled and expelled him from Lingyun School. Zhao Di threatened Chu Guyu that he would do worse to his younger brother Chu Feng if Chu Guyu left his line of sight, thus Chu Guyu was forced to open a tavern 500 miles away from Lingyun School. Every month Zhao Di and his lackeys would come and break the tavern while humiliating him on a daily basis. On the last day (before Chu Feng arrived) Zhao Di had enough of Chu Guyu's guts and finally went ahead and crippled him for real; he stabbed his dantian.

When Chu Feng came to rescue Chu Guyu he and his comrade blocked the exit and surrounded him while mocking him. He tried to fight Chu Feng in vain. His fist was shattered and his arm was pulled off. All of the muscles and tendons were cut off from his body leaving only his skeleton; he was kept alive. Chu Feng sent some of the personal artifacts of Zhao Di to lure his grandfather to the tavern and used a forbidden spiritual formation from the Asura Spirit World to transfer the cultivation of the grandfather to Chu Guyu who passed from the Spiritual Realm to the 1st Level Profound Realm.

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