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"The person whom I love is Chu Feng. No matter how the world’s people see him, no matter how they loathe him, no matter how they hate him, I, Zi Ling, choose him. I do not waver on this, and I only approve of him. No person can shake my heart. No object can shake my heart. In this current life, I will only love Chu Feng and none other. My heart is willing, and I have no regrets."
–Zi Ling to an audience, Chapter 401

Zi Ling has a Divine Body takes the shape of a small purple bell. Zi Ling is currently the 6th ranked Hidden Dragon Disciple in the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect.

Pre Novel

Zi Ling is originally from the Eastern Sea Region and was taken by her grandpa, Zi Xuanyuan, to the Nine Provinces Continent because of a complex matter concerning the arranged marriage set by her parents at birth and being poisoned with a supposedly extinct poison.

Heaven Gripping Pellet

As a person with a Divine Body, Zi Ling's birth produced a widely visible spectacle in the skies above her birthplace. This drew attention from the surrounding powers, including the overlord of the Eastern Sea Region, the Immortal Execution Archipelago. A representative of the Immortal Execution Archipelago approached Zi Ling's parents to set up a marriage between Zi Ling and the young master of the Immortal Execution Archipelago, Murong Xun. The Immortal Execution Archipelago provided many incentives to Zi Lings parents, including feeding her a supposedly beneficial medicinal pellet that would stabilize her cultivation, improve her cultivation growth rate, and therefor increase her future accomplishments.

Zi Ling's grandfather, Zi Yuanshan, was present at the time that Zi Ling was fed the supposedly beneficial pellet. However, being a skilled World Spiritist and hanving read many ancient texts, Zi Yuanshan recognized the pellet as a poison pellet that was long since considered extinct. The medicinal pellet that the Immortal Execution Archipelago had supposedly given Zi Ling to make her future accomplishments better, was instead the Heaven Gripping Pellet, which restricts the consumer's cultivation and accumulates their Divine Body's or Special Bloodline's special power. The Heaven Gripping Pellet reaches it's peak when the consumer reaches 20 years of age, and if the person "does the thing between a man and woman" (i.e. has sex) at this point, he or she will lose their special power and the entirety of their cultivation altogether to the other participant.

This was the hidden plan of the Immortal Execution Archipelago. Once Zi Ling reaches 20 years of age, the Immortal Execution Archipelago will come for her to escort her to the arranged marriage with the young lord of the Immortal Execution Archipelago, Murong Xun. Once she "does the thing between a man and woman" with him, her cultivation and Divine Body's special power would become Murong Xun's thanks to the Heaven Gripping Pellet. And if they don't cure the poison it will affect their future cultivation.

An additional effect of the Heaven Gripping Pellet is that should the consumer "do the thing between a man and woman" before 20 years of age, they will die. Because of this, Zi Ling must constantly refuse her personally chosen fiancée Chu Feng's advances, and lives in the day-to-day fear that if she doesn't hold herself back, she will die.


Volume 1 - Battle of Dignity 

Zi Ling tried to obtain the White Tiger Slaughtering Technique but failed because of Chu Feng when Eggy took over his body.

Volume 2 - Sweeping Through the Nine Provinces

Zi Ling later becomes Chu Feng's fiancée after he was the only person out of several hundred that step forward to save her from being raped and killed by monstrous beasts in the Thousand Monster Mountains, and saving her several more times shortly after that.

Zi Ling's grandfather, Zi Yuanshan, encourages her to grow stronger as fast as possible so as to be able to fight against the Immortal Execution Archipelago and demand the antidote. Unfortunately, while 16 years old and after spending a full year with Chu Feng, Zi Ling's parents come to the Nine Provinces to take her back to her birth family and to force her to marry upon her 20th birthday. Zi Ling, her grandfather, her parents, the Zi family master, and Chu Feng speak for several hours before Zi Ling provides several conditions to agree to leave. The Zi family members agree, and Chu Feng embraces Zi Ling for a final kiss before she departs.

Volume 3 - Eastern Sea Region

Saving Zi Ling from the Immortal Execution Archipelago becomes Chu Feng's biggest motivator as he strives to become stronger in the Eastern Sea Region. Little is heard of regarding Zi Ling while Chu Feng is on his various adventures. What he does overhear are rumors such as how "another stunning beauty" appeared in the Eastern Sea Region, and how it's such a shame that she's already engaged to the young master of the Immortal Execution Archipelago.

After Chu Feng and the Crippling Night Demon Sect annihilated the Immortal Execution Archipelago, She was cured of the Heaven Gripping Pill and became a 1st Rank Martial Lord after being stuck in the Heaven Realm for a while.

Volume 5 - The Battle of the Overlord Domain

Zi Ling appears again in the Holy Land of Martialism in Immortal Island together with Su Rou. She initially has the cultivation of a 2nd Rank Half Emperor, but later breaks through to 3rd Rank Half Emperor.

She was later taught a technique that would allow her to fully control her Divine Body by the Blind Old Man. However something went wrong and she suffered a backlash that threatened her life. She was then taken to Chu Fengs Father in the Chu Heavenly Clan's Forbidden Area where she was saved. Chu Xuanyuan then decided to help train her as his disciple so that she would be able to follow Chu Feng. Chu Xuanyuan then went on to reform her Divine Body, thereby permanently changing her talents forever.

Volume 7 - Return of the Discarded Child

When Chu Feng later returned to the Chu Heavenly Clan's Forbidden Area he was informed by the formation left behind by Chu Xuanyuan that before he left he had placed Zi Ling somewhere in the galaxy so she can gain practical experience as even if he trained her to the peak she wouldn't truly be strong.

Volume 9 - Birth of Asura

It is later revealed by Yu Ting, due to possessing a cultivation of 9th Rank Utmost Exalted, that she was taken by the the Sect Head of the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect to become her legacy disciple. Later when she tried to leave the sect to go find Chu Feng she was detained and held under house arrest. She became close to Yu Ting and told her about Chu Feng and how she only reached her current level because of the help from one of his relatives. She also mentioned how Chu Feng is extremely talented and how there was perhaps no one within his generation who can match him. Zi Ling is to be engaged within a month of Chu Feng's entry into Hidden Dragon Martial Sect by the Sect Head[1]. Chu Feng also registers for the competition for getting Zi Ling[2].Chu Feng won competition and Zi Ling became his finance.

Martial Artist Cultivation

Cultivation Ranks Chapter HDBP
1st Rank Profound Realm 157 Above Chu Feng 2nd Rank Profound Realm
9th Rank Profound Realm 354 4
1st Rank Heaven Realm 441 4
1st Rank Martial Lord 984
2nd Rank Half Martial Emperor 1590 3
3rd Rank Half Martial Emperor 1600 3
1st Rank Martial Emperor 2131
9th Rank Utmost Exalted 4187 0(+1)
1st Rank Martial Exalted 4731 0(+1)

World Spiritist Cultivation

Spirit Power Chapter
Grey Cloak 157
Blue Cloak 354
Royal Cloak - Insect Mark 1590


"To love a person, one should ignore their own safety for him. To love a person, one should give everything possible for him. To love a person, one should have an eternally unchanging heart. No matter what kinds of difficulties or dangers there are forward, one does not become timid. One does not be shaken. Even if that person becomes the enemy of the world, then I will also be willing to be by his side and fight against the world together with him."
–Zi Ling to an audience, Chapter 401




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