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Zuoqiu Yanliang was the 3rd ranked hidden dragon disciple of the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect. He was ranked below his younger brother Zuoqiu Youyu not because his strength was below his, but because his brothers talent is slightly above his own.


He is arrogant and shameless to the peak, using his status to suppress or force others to submit.


Volume 9 - Birth of Asura[]

Zuoqiu Yanliang wanted to attack and kill Chu Feng when the latter accidentally entered the Fierce Beast Prison World and started the slaughter baptism event of the place as Chu Feng did not respect him and let him kill the Prison King. When Chu Feng enters the Hidden Dragon Imaginary Palace to cultivate, Zuoqiu Yanliang forces poison into every person left so that they can slander Chu Feng in front of the elders.

In the Yin-Yang Withered Well World, he and his brother captured Xia Yan, Li Muzhi and some other disciples in order to use them as hostages to threaten Chu Feng. After Chu Feng broke through to Martial Exalted, Yanliang felt that his position and that of his brothers was threatened, so he stabbed Li Muzhi in the throat and then threatened to kill the others. His actions resulted in his death by Chu Feng's hands[1].

Martial Artist Cultivation[]

Cultivation Ranks Chapter HDBP
3rd Rank Martial Exalted 4731 0(+1)

World Spiritist Cultivation[]

Spirit Power Chapter